by DJ E-Na

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This is not an album. This is a movement established to educate the masses on the harmful affects of the constant consumption of meaningless and/or negative music. Pass it on to those you love. Use the hashtag #FastFoodMusic for what you see fit to educate the populous. Let's take our airwaves back. Peace.


released August 1, 2013

Vocals recorded at Hi-Ark Audio Lab
Cover art by Djaga
Appearances by Pijazz, Kitty Kutz, DJ TAA.P, DJ Rukiss, and DJ Steddie
Everything Else done by DJ E-Na



all rights reserved


DJ E-Na Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

I love music. I make music with meaning. Music means everything.

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Track Name: Fast Food Music
Hip Hop today is four parts short of a full course meal
For glutenous music lovers, give us a beat we can feel
On top of that lyricism is a very rare skill
Just like the DJ's that carried crates before we went digital
I know everyone love to buy new sh*t
But is it that great 90 percent of rap needs to be about it
How can I blame the rappers when a "banger" means a hit
An obsession for 3 weeks and we label it a classic
I'm not acting cocky and I don't give a damn if it's rude
I demand a lot of my music and you should too
Blazed a beat and crushed the cuts just to educate you
But most of you won't even listen unless it's "WorldStar" cool
I put in work for days to cook up something nutritional
Damn…I should of rhymed about twerking then insert the subliminal
(If I Ruled the World)
I'd put an end to the constant consumption of #FastFoodMusic

The digital age is flooding the air waves
Blogs looking for hits feeding you brain AIDs
and we keep buying into it
No care at all for what they influence
Yet we embrace these corrupted humans
Fabricated persona's the minority image ruined
Brothers and sisters losing their lives over what "true" is
It seems like every other music genre is Buddhist
While we kill each other just to prove we can do it
All this violence and beefing i'm not into it.
For me it's always been about the music.
Loving and grooving, creating a union, that's the movement
So stop and think about what you're doing
Destroying the futures of our won for the almighty dollar, maybe two of them
Why is it your owns the only life you are improving?
Let's reflect on how we give back to the people buying our music
(If I Ruled the World)
I'd put an end to the constant consumption of #FastFoodMusic

In my lab it's like being back in the 90's kid
there are still cats putting out real dope music
It's not hard to find, but you gotta search hard for it
or hit me up on twitter, I'll put you on to it
The kind of tunes that stimulate your mind with rhyme
Unforgettable music for unforgettable times
Music fit to be the soundtrack for your life
Not the constant glorification of fictitious crime
In other fords the brainwashing of impressionable minds
Your own covertly enslaving you with the power of rhyme
and we walk around like everything is just fine
Until a black kid in a hoodie gets murdered by a "white" guy
Damn… yo this is the biggest Trayvonsty of all time
But where the hell ya'll been at for all the black on black crime
(If I Ruled the World)
I'd put an end to the constant consumption of #FastFoodMusic
Track Name: Chapter 2 (feat. DJ TAA.P)
Young Papa Lil Weasel: Yo come in.

Homie: Yo lil weasel we got a problem. The IRS say we owe back taxes,
and we just spent all the money we had on new whips, bullet proof vests,
that syrup, and diamonds to put up our a$$ cause thats whats hot now.

YPL Weasel: Sh*t! I guess I gotta make a banger right quick. Tell that cat from back in the day from the suburbs we moved from to come to the
ghetto to get hood respect he now officially part of the YPLWE team, and
I need a beat in the next 30 seconds or he's fired, and you fired too.

Homie: You want a lot of bass right?

YPL Weasel: 29, 28, 27…

Homie: Aight aight shit…. I'm going i'm going…damn…

YPL Weasel: What kind of stupid question was that. Of course I want a lot of bass. What a dumba$$ yo…Aight I gotta warm up my rap voice….
Track Name: Diamonds in my butt
I got them diamonds in my butt
Killer Mike and El P can't Run My Jewels now
Go to the strip club, I ain't bring no cash
Why? I got diamonds up my ass
I tip them strippers with the tissues
Bring em back to the room, they say my shit delicious
They wipe they mouth off and then I tell em yo
The biggest diamond ain't come out yet hoe
B*tch you better work for it, you better work
Let me see you tweak for it, you better tweak
Before i get mad hoe, and put all them diamonds back up my a$$ yo
That shiny sh*t ya love it
You wanna rub and tug it
Licking a$$ like carving pumpkins
Sh*t tastes like Baskin Robins
Diamonds be your favorite topping
In the club bottles we popping
Hell nah I won't take you shopping
Shut up hoe, get the shhhlopin

I lace my d*ck with adrenal
So when you suck it
I got your full attention from tip to balls
I f*ck my fans for fun
Not the male ones
You know why? Cause f*ck them
For real though, f*ck them hungry n*gga's
Keep buying my sh*t though
My next house gone be 9 figures
Happy Birthday to me
Give me everything in your wallets
Actually here's my routing number
Just deposit it
All ya'll n*gga's lames
You smell like b*tch to me
That's why i f*cked yo mama
Last Century
My seed you grew to be
Yo ain't getting no cash from me
Get up out my face with no diamonds Gee
Track Name: It's a diamond tr4p
What is it exactly you are expecting to be here?

Well now that I have your attention please make sure you share
my album with all your friends on the internet and in person.
We need to educate the ones we love about the dangers of
constant consumption of #FastFoodMusic. Much Respect.